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Supporting education and innovation.

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Education and Mentoring / Tutoring Program

This program is designed to provide a variety of classes to the youth in our community on public speaking, life skills, good social behavior, grooming: in-depth classes on sexual education and drug prevention; business ethics; and computer literacy on Microsoft Office products.  Steps To A Brighter Life, Inc, will also design a tutoring program for those needing assistance with SAT/ACT Prep, Math, Writing, Reading, Homework and studying skills.

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Entrepreneurship Program

This program is set up to teach the youth in our community how to become entrepreneurs.  We will guide them through a variety of steps on what it takes to become successful entrepreneurs; from the very first stage of planning to a successful business development.

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Finance Management

Designed to educate our youth on financial responsibility and decision making; income, careers and skill development; planning and money management; credit vs. debt; savings and investment.

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Life Skills 

Steps To A Brighter Life, Inc. objective is to produce distinguished youth and extraordianry leaders that serve their community.  We will make a concerted effort to gain the moral respect for themselves in which is to strive for perfection through hard work.  It is critical that we empower our youth so they will experience the increased value of being a positive role model.

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Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

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Annual Report

Dedicated to change.

Cultural Diversity: Steps To A Brighter Life, Inc., will provide field trips to expose our youth to diverse demographics such as college tours, different living environments, and camping sites that will allow them to increase their mind development.

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Nutrition Program: Our organization nutritional program is designed to provide nutritious meals to children and youth in low income communities.  We will also educate individuals on how to eat notoriously and healthy.  We will expose them to cooking healthy meals and how to shop and look for healthy foods.